Residency Programs

Director: Branden Nemecek, Pharm.D.

The Mission of the Duquesne University School of Pharmacy is to educate and mentor students who advance the profession of pharmacy to improve the health outcomes of patients and their communities. In line with the mission is our vision to develop professionals, through student-centered experiences, who are recognized leaders, innovators and advocates in all areas of pharmacy practice and research. Consistent with this mission are the goals of our residency programs: to educate and mentor pharmacists to improve the health outcomes of patients and their communities. The preceptors and program directors prepare the residents in the program to advance the profession of pharmacy by:

  • Serving as role models in advanced areas of practice to which they aspire
  • Training and challenging them to improve patient care through exposure to inter-professional advanced practice
  • Mentoring through teaching experiences to educate pharmacy students in the future
  • Directing research projects that will enable them to contribute to the professional literature
  • Incentivizing them to further their own education and training to pursue PGY2 experiences, and/or to secure future academic or clinical practice positions

The programs at Duquesne University began as one-year academic and research fellowships to prepare pharmacists in practice to secure careers in academia. Since inception, these programs have expanded into PGY1 opportunities in community and pharmacy practice with all programs now being accredited through The American Society of Health System Pharmacists and the American Pharmacist Association.

Student pharmacists are seeking residency programs at a higher rate than ever before. This is in part due to a saturating job market in community practice and a desire to further education and training. To date, there are consistently more applicants each year than residency programs offered. As with all programs of study, our residency programs must adapt to the changing climate of our profession.

The residency programs at Duquesne University aim to address the changes in the profession of pharmacy, further educate student pharmacists as they transition to licensed pharmacists, and offer unique clinical experiences with our experienced practitioners and faculty. We accomplish this by offering a variety of PGY1 and PGY2 experiences in community, ambulatory, and acute care.

Residency Type Match Code
AllianceRx Walgreens Prime PGY1 Community 23048
Center For Pharmacy Care PGY1 Community 23036
Giant Eagle Pharmacy PGY1 Community 23035
St. Barnabas Long-Term Care PGY1 Pharmacy 23044
UPMC Mercy PGY2 Internal Medicine