CETR group standing in front of August Wilson mural

What We Do

At CETR, we help Duquesne students and faculty create community partnerships that provide opportunities for learning, researching, addressing community concerns and growing as civic-minded citizens.

Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning

Using a two-tiered model of community-engaged learning, we offer students the opportunity to engage in community-based experiences throughout our degree programs. Community-engaged learning differs from volunteerism and community service because it emphasizes students' civic development; uses structured, ongoing reflection; and focuses on sustained, reciprocal partnerships between faculty and community.

Community-Engaged Research

Community-engaged research happens when scholars and community organizations partner to generate knowledge that contributes to the academic world and addresses community concerns. At Duquesne, community-engaged research emphasizes social and environmental justice.

Community Engagement Scholars

This highly selective program immerses undergraduate students in a year-long experience that builds their understanding of social justice, fosters personal growth, empowers them to be responsible and participatory citizens, and strengthens the community.