University Compliance

Discrimination, Volunteers and Minors

The Office of Anti-Discrimination Policy and Compliance is responsible for enforcing Duquesne's anti-discrimination and sexual misconduct policies by:

  • Ensuring compliance with Federal and State laws and University policies governing student and employee behavior.
  • Responding to specific discrimination and misconduct complaints of students, faculty, administrators and staff.
  • Mediating situations involving discrimination and harassment.

If you feel you have been discriminated against, please contact the Director of Anti-Discrimination Compliance Sean Weaver.

Headshot of Sean WeaverSean F. Weaver
Director, Anti-Discrimination Compliance
Assistant Director, Risk Management
302 Administration Building

If you feel you have witnessed, have knowledge of or have experienced sexual misconduct, please contact our Title IX Office.

Attention: Ethics violations are not handled by the Office of Anti-Discrimination Policy and Compliance. Please report your concerns to the Ethics Reporting Hotline.